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Posted by Angel Aviary - Northwest Indiana on 9/27/13

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    Very Prolific Pair of Proven, Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrots!!!
    This healthy, gorgeous and extremely prolific pair of
    Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrots produces beautiful babies so often
    that I have never seen anything like it before! They are
    both in perfect feather and better than most pets in spite
    of all of their breeding. The female will fully incubate the
    eggs, but will not feed them. I let her incubate her eggs
    until the first egg goes into draw down and then I pull the
    eggs and incubate them until they hatch and then hand feed
    the babies. I have routinely separated them in order to give
    them rest because they breed so often. This pair is being
    offered to experienced breeders only! $2,500.00 for the pair
    with their large pet quality cage and nest box! They are in
    excellent health as I have had my avian veterinarian, Dr.
    Scott McDonald, do routine wellness checks and grooming in
    my home aviary.

    I am a small breeder with a closed aviary that needs to sell
    "The Best of The Best" breeders, spares and pets that I kept
    after a huge downsize that I had already done several years
    ago due to ongoing health issues. See my other ads if
    interested. I also have very nice cages available for all
    breeder and pets along with several, very nice, play stands
    too. Discounts will be given on multiple purchases. This is
    a great opportunity to go into breeding with prime breeding
    stock all in perfect feather better than most pets, or to
    add to your established aviary! All of my birds have been
    health checked by Dr. Scott McDonald in my own home. The
    only type of bird that I will take in a trade is a proven,
    male, Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot. Serious inquiries only

    I am conveniently located in Northwest Indiana only 45
    minutes from Downtown Chicago, 45 minutes from New Buffalo,
    Michigan and 2 hours from Indianapolis! NO SHIPPING! Will
    help to deliver within reason. Thank you!

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