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PARROTS FOR SALE: Lots of parrot supplies, Deans Brooder,TurnX incubator, ETC.

Posted by PREMIUM PARROTS on 10/09/13

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    Hi, I have a few odds and ends of parrot stuff available.
    There are about 90 newer Bird Talk magazines, a bunch of
    stainless steels and ceramic and aluminum bowls, some new
    and used toys and lots of parts to make toys well as chain,
    a wooden statue of a Scarlet macaw, a new small net, a new
    small cooler for transporting baby parrots. I have quite a
    few clean and either new or like new concrete perches for
    large parrots. The is also a small critter carrier shown.
    Two 10 gallon aquariums [1 is new] and 3 brand new screen
    lids. Also an egg candler and a whole lot of other parrot

    A Brand new large Deans Portable Brooder, works on 12 volt
    and 110 volt [car or house current].

    A like new, barely used Lyons TurnX incubator with
    automatic turner, and a plexiglass isolation chamber that
    it fits into to shield it from outside temperature changes,
    This thing works great. I have xtra egg spacers and other
    xtra parts as well as all the paperwork. I had several of
    these and the rest are sold. I saved the best one [least
    used one] for myself but now I don't need it so now its for
    sale. I suppose I used it to incubate only about 6 eggs

    There are 2 huge cages aprox 36" w x 36" deep x about 44"
    tall. These are the 2 take are shown on the wood stand. I
    can sell these 2 cages separately or together. The stand is
    available as well and it has wheels. These cages are in
    very good condition and work well for parrots up to and
    including macaw size.

    I have four 24" wide x 30" long x 24" high cages with great
    plastic trays. Made out of very heavy 1" x 2" 12 guage
    double coated steel wire. These can be put together to make
    two 2 stacks or one 3 stack and an xtra cage. I can sell
    these in any combination you need. So if you only need one
    that is fine with me. I have the factory legs that go on
    these cages as well...tho they are not shown in the photo.

    I have 2 wire cages left aprox. 20" wide x 30" long x 20"
    high. Currently there are no doors or trays. So you can use
    them in any position that suits you. Just tell me where you
    want the doors and I can put them where you want and make
    the doors the size you need. Made out of very heavy 1" x 2"
    12 guage double coated steel wire. I do have 2 new metal
    trays that will fit these. Cheap

    I also have 3 gallons of professional Vet disinfectant.
    Both Novasan and Kennelsol.

    Looking for automatic watering system nipples? I have about
    10 available, some of which are brand new.

    I also have a plexiglass parrot collar for a large
    parrot/macaw. This is a professional collar to keep an
    injured or self plucker from accessing their body/feathers.
    The parrot can still eat and drink properlly.

    I have a bunch of parrot books for sale also.

    I don't need these things anymore so its time to pass them
    along. I'm sure I will find some other things that need to
    go also.

    I'm getting close to moving now and I'd rather not move
    this stuff so come take a look and save some $.

    Email me for more info and photos. I can ship everything
    but the cages.

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