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PARROTS FOR SALE: 10 pairs of Lutino Quakers

Posted by NC on 10/13/13

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    10 pairs of recessive Lutino quaker splits. All green
    Quakers split Lutino and blue for most, s can produce
    blues, greens, lutinos and possible albinos. Proven pairs
    were bred in a large outside colony, 10 pairs in all range
    in ages from 2-5years old. Nice large birds have been
    outside and in large colony flights, nice color and size.
    All proven pairs, recessive Lutino gene. 750/pair or if you
    buy all 10 pairs 650/pair. will ship, crate fee and
    shipping buyers expense. Also raise all other colors of
    Quakers, yellows white lutinos albinos turquoise grey etc.

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