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PARROTS FOR SALE: Tame,Beautiful DNA female African Grey with Cage

Posted by Louisville, Ky. on 11/20/13

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    This beautiful girl was hatched July 29th 2012! She is a
    DNA sexed female. She is gorgeous, in full feather is used
    to being handled on a daily basis. I have worked
    extensively with her to come in and out of her cage on my
    hand so she has no bad habits at this point! She does not
    bite but since i am the one who handles her she is used to
    women. She spends most of her day on her perch interacting
    with toys i place there for her and "bird watching" the
    birds on the feeders outside her private viewing window!
    She is a "one in a million" and i will search patiently for
    a good home for her. She will eat just about anything
    placed in front of her and loves Lafabers pellets and
    Nutriberries. She also receives a seed mixture on the
    weekends made by Higgins. She enjoy fresh vegetables,
    carrots being her favorite. This is one very special girl
    that will make a family very happy. Please call us at
    502-819- 5386 to talk with us about "Sammee".

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