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PARROTS FOR SALE: Breeders, Babies and Pets

Posted by Parrot Villa Summerville SC on 11/25/13

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    Posting for my friend Mary Rogers at Parrot Villa in
    Summerville SC. She doesn't have a computer. You have to
    call her for pricing..... (843) 871-2652

    Babies available: Blue and Gold Macaws

    Pets: 5 Adult Male Greater Sulfer Crested Cockatoos

    Breeders avail:

    Scarlett Macaws GreenWing Macaws Military Macaws Blue Crown
    Conures Alexandrine.... Parakeets (???) Not sure if calling
    them right, you guys know what I mean

    This may not be a complete listing, she is going out of
    business and selling out. I do know that she is also
    looking for an adult male Hyacinth Macaw, she is only
    keeping her pairs of these guys.

    Again, please contact her directly :843-871-2652

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