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PARROTS FOR SALE: Healthy Weaned X-Mas Birds

Posted by Exotic Mother on 11/26/13

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    We have healthy weaned baby parrots for sale. Really need to
    down size the farm, they are priced to go. We also have
    fresh laid fertile parrot eggs candled tested for some of
    these birds:

    - Red Tailed Congo African Greys.
    - Blue & Gold Macaws.
    - Scarlets.
    - Umbrella Cockatoos.
    - Black Palm Cockatoos.
    - Moluccan Cockatoos.
    - Sulfur Cockatoos.
    - Yellow Napped Amazons.
    - Blue Front Amazons.
    - Red Front Amazons.
    - India Hill Mynahs.
    our babies are hand raise, banded, weaned, socialized,
    beginning to talk. 2-6 months old birds, perfect feathered
    and fully fledged on perfect diet. contact us for more
    details if you are interested. We can ship babies only as
    weather permits. eggs are guaranteed, will come with
    hatching guarantee. we also give lifetime supports if you
    are new in hatching, we shall provide information materials
    free of charge.

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