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PARROTS FOR SALE: Proven Male SI Eclectus

Posted by Dustin/MI on 3/09/14

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    I have a proven for previous male SI eclectus. I got him
    from a friend and he did give her babies so I know he is
    proven. He's a nice bird and will step up and has never
    tried biting me. He's closed banded with hatch year of 2006
    on band. So he's not an old bird and has a ton of breeding
    life left. He has been fed a good diet and gets lots of
    fresh fruits/veggies. I would either like to find a nice SI
    hen for him or sell/trade him. He is plucked on his chest
    but I think once he has a hen he will get some feathers
    back in. Open to an offer for him or if you have a female
    available please let me know. For trades I need a male
    congo, male timneh, 2 male hahns and some single conures.
    Not at all interested in trading for any parakeets,
    lovebirds, cockatiels, amazons or cockatoos. I can ship
    Delta DASH which runs $166. Call or text 989-464-1616

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