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Posted by Illinois on 3/26/14

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    I need to make room I have to many singles and others
    ...What i have is listed below..I have reduced prices
    dramatically. I do ship United...with smaller birds its
    $120 and larger birds is $165 these prices include crates.
    I have no time for tire kickers...I have pretty much listed
    everything you need to know about the birds below. My
    aviary is closed and I quarantine all birds, NO sick birds
    or culls. If it is stated not great feather then that means
    they have plucked at some point as most breeders do, this
    doesnt mean there is anything wrong with the birds. Located
    in Illinois ship out of STL.

    5 Single BG Macaws...Ages ranges between 8 yrs and 13 yrs
    old not great feather NO DNA $400 each 1 Jenday
    Conure...Age 3 yrs...Perfect feather with really dark red
    was told male but have NO DNA $250 1 Pair of Sun conures,
    was told M/F but have no DNA they are bonded to each other
    perfect feather 3 and 4 yrs old $400 for the pair 3 Baby
    green Indian ringnecks 5 weeks old will sell now $200 to
    experienced hand feeder ONLY 1 Baby blue Indian ringneck 7
    weeks old will sell now for $250 to experienced hand feeder
    ONLY 2 Pairs of BG Macaws...proven sit and feed just fine
    they are 9 yrs and 11 yrs old not great feather $750 each
    pair 1 Peach front conure...3 yr old perfect feather NO DNA
    $145 1 Pair of Hahns macaw 6 yrs old WITH DNA bonded but
    not proven $800 for the pair

    Will list more after this bunch is sold...Might consider
    trades for a female greenwing macaw of breeding age, or
    female congo grey of breeding age or Caique pair proven.

    Email at

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