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PARROTS FOR SALE: Cute And Lovely African Grey Parrots for sale

Posted by lindabanks on 3/27/14

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    Cutest African Grey Parrots For Adoption

    Owning and taming and African Grey parrot is some thing that
    bring lots of love in a family as they get along with every
    one. I have two cute and adorable African Grey parrots ready
    to met new families.My birds are very lovely and cute. They
    are very sociable and love to play with other house hold
    pets and kids. They are very good in identifying letters of
    the English Alphabet and can repeat words we pronounce.
    Singing is a part of their daily live. Adopting our birds
    will mean that you need not worry owning a watch dog because
    they will always keep you alert as soon as a visitor moves
    in to your house. They are medically up right and have all
    their DNA vaccines up to date. they are hand tamed and have
    very good temperaments. Contact for
    more information and pictures or text me on 430-222-0431

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