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PARROTS FOR SALE: Double Yellow Head pair (female RARE PIED)

Posted by Private breeder on 5/13/14

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    DYH PAIR Female RARE pied (Photos for serious buyer)
    Male Magna DYH 14 yrs old, Female HEAVY PIED (VERY RARE)
    11YRS OLD, Just paired and she is already digging out the
    box ... These 2 were introduced very slow last spring and
    housed together this winter. Female was a pet and started la
    ying eggs 2yrs ago, male I bought for her was proven with a
    Blue Front hen
    . This is a very rare pair of birds and I paid A LOT of $ ju
    st for the hen she is Pied all over, tail, chest, back , win
    gs.. both have had bands removed for safety reasons, housed
    in a large flight with too many things to get into to be we
    aring closed bands . SERIOUS BUYER $3000.00 Can ship or Pick
    up in PA available pics for serious only, pic collectors go
    ogle dyh pied for your collection

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