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PARROTS FOR SALE: Breeder Pairs and Singles

Posted by Dustin/MI on 7/13/14

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    Halfmoon conure female. Has been surgically sexed, tattooed
    and is viable. Proven for previous, bought as pair but lost
    male. Will sell or buy a male. Closed banded. Perfect
    feather. $200

    Black cap conure female. Has been surgically sexed,
    tattooed and is viable. She's 4 years old. Perfect feather.

    Voren's black cap conure female. Closed banded 2013 hatch.

    Blue quaker female. Egglaying, not banded, age unknown.

    Green quaker pair. Proven for previous. Not banded, ages
    unknown. $100

    Proven green cheek conure pair. Have 2-3 clutches per year
    of 3-4 babies. Handfeeding 3 babies from them now. Closed
    banded both 2007 hatch. Female plucks chest during breeding
    otherwise they are always in perfect feather. One of them
    is missing one toenail. $175

    Lutino female IRN. Closed banded 2007 hatch. Will sit but
    doesn't feed. $200

    Green male IRN. Closed banded 2001 hatch. Proven male with
    hen above but got aggressive with her so they have been
    separated. They didn't have a nestbox and I think he was
    wanting to breed. $150

    Proven yellowside green cheek conure pair. Both birds are
    in perfect feather and are closed banded 2007 hatch.
    Usually hatch 4 babies per clutch. $250

    Proven brown throat conure pair. This pair will breed year
    round so you should remove box in fall to give them a
    break. Lay 6-7 eggs each clutch and hatch 4-6 babies. They
    are both 2011 hatch birds. Very prolific pair. Handfeeding
    4 babies from them now. $350

    Proven brown throat conure pair. This pair will breed year
    round as well. Best to remove box in fall to give them a
    rest. They have 3-4 babies per clutch. Have babies in the
    box now. Will be sold after they are pulled for
    handfeeding. $350

    Rubino bourke females, have 2 available. About 5 months old
    now. Siblings and were parent raised. $250 each Also have a
    rosie split ino male from same clutch available for $150.

    Pair of red rumps. Male is pallid opaline split orange,
    closed banded and 3 years old. He's a very colorful male.
    Female is orange opaline, closed banded and a 2007 hatch.
    She laid for me last summer but eggs were clear. I moved in
    the fall and haven't given them a box since. This is my
    last pair of red rumps. $400

    Pair of blue and gold macaws. The male is in great feather,
    9 years old, has been surgically sexed by Dr. Scott and is
    mature and ready to breed. He was a pet so he does talk a
    bit but is no longer tame. The female is plucked on her
    head and neck from her previous mate, she's 12 years old,
    proven with another male by a friend of mine and closed
    banded. I have watched them feed each other on several
    occasions and they have been together since October of
    2013. They have been in the box that I just put up about a
    month ago. Will sell pair for $750, no box or cage
    included. I'm not interested in shipping this pair.

    Proven pair of timneh greys. This pair is proven for me.
    Gave 2 clutches spring/summer of 2012. I didn't get any
    babies last year but I was moving so may have been why.
    They are both open banded and are nestbox dwellers. Male is
    plucked on chest a bit, female is in great feather. $1200

    I am located in Rogers City Michigan. I do travel a bit and
    can possibly meet in Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Flint, Gaylord or
    Traverse City. 989-464-1616 can text pics I can ship Delta
    DASH for $180 including the crate. I will NOT ship the pair
    of macaws. Anything else listed I can ship.

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