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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue Throated Macaw female CBW required OUT OF STATE

Posted by Loxahatchee Gorves, FL on 7/15/14

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    I do have the CBW permit for the Blue throated Macaws for ou
    t of the state of Florida sales to another who holds this CB
    W permit. The buyer can apply for the Interstate Commerce pe
    rmit for purchase out of state of Florida.

    This female is $3,500. Shipping and carrier is the buyers c
    ost. She is seven years old and not hand able due to she is
    with another MacaW a female hybrid) for companionship. Per
    fect feathering with a temperament for propagating with a ma
    le macaw.
    561 594 7007
    ten year old pairs bonded $6,500

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