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PARROTS FOR SALE: Babies to experienced hand feeders ONLY

Posted by Illinois on 7/27/14

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    Babies unweaned to experienced hand feeders only! Verde
    Macaw babaies $1800 ea Greenwing macaw babies $1250 ea

    Blue & Gold macaw babies $850 ea Camelot macaw babies $1550
    ea Yellowside conure babies $175 ea

    Pineapple conure babies $200 ea

    Hahns macaw baby $650 ea

    Blue crown conure babies $400 ea

    Rose Breasted cockatoo babies $1400 ea

    Yellow shoulder amazon babies each ea Will ship United
    airlines and $165 fee for shipping and crate. Located in
    Illinois feathers @ ymail .com 217.691.1849

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