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PARROTS FOR SALE: Hand Fed and Raised Chattering Lory

Posted by Michelle Derry NH We Ship!!!! on 8/25/14

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    See website for details and pictures. We are currently
    accepting deposits on the following babies. To reseve a
    baby a 50% deposit is required. We raise all our babies
    with lots of love. When you get a baby from us, you are
    getting the best quality pet available. Socializing is the
    key to a great hand fed baby bird. We socialize with
    people as well as other birds, dogs and cats, so when you
    bring your baby home they are completely accustomed to the
    normal running of a busy household.Hope to hear from you at or 603-216-5657

    Available for Deposits Now -Currently being weaned

    Chattering Lory 1 available 900.00 ea

    Severe Macaw 2 available 900.00 ea

    Blue Crown Conure 1 available 650.00 ea

    Orange Wing Amazon 2 available 900.00 ea

    Jenday Conure 1 available 399.00

    Black Capped Lory 1 available 999.00

    SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE USA 125.00 - 300.00 Depending on si
    ze and destination.

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