Option 1: Full Website Co-Brand

Our most prominent placement! Integrate your brand deeply into the Birdmart.com website and our extensive parrot mailring network. Achieve up to 16 Million Ad-Views from CPM rates of just pennies
Package Features:
Top Full-Size Logo
Bottom Medium Logo
Mailring Text Ad
ROS Leaderboard Ad
Header Text Box
Homepage Banner
Chatroom Banner
Full Email Blast

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Birdmart.com is pleased to offer our most powerful branding and promotion program ever. This exclusive co-brand package drives your branding to new levels with unsurpassed exposure for your company logo and advertising message. This package features your logo exclusively centered at the top of every page on our site, with a second logo prominently displayed in the page footer. The package also includes an impressive complement of advertising placements.

Component/Placement Views/Mon
Top Full-Size Logo (225x45)
Prominently integrated site-wide top center of header
Bottom Medium Logo (100x45)
Integrated center of site-wide footer
Mailring Text Ad
Two lines of text copy in every Birdmart.com discussion list
ROS Leaderboard (728x90)
High-impact banner in high-frequency ROS rotation
Header Text Box
Your detailed advertising message prominently page-top
Homepage Banner (468x60)
High-impact banner on our premium location
Chatroom Banner (468x60)
Frequency exposures before an involved audience
Monthly Email Blast
Your press release or advertising message delivered
Total Monthly Impressions 1.33 Million


This exclusive opportunity is available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis:

Monthly: $2,000 $1.50 1.33 Million
Quarterly:     $5,000 $1.25 4 Million
Annual: $10,000     63 16 Million!

The Full Co-Brand Package is an exclusive limited opportunity available only to select businesses or organizations complementary to our website content and mission. This is a premium, exclusive package - we can only accommodate one co-branding partner during any sponsorship period. For co-branding information and availability, call us toll-free at (888)430-8322.

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