Live Chat Sponsorships...

Each month hosts dozens of live parrot chats and workshops, and now you can take advantage of this captive audience through our affordable Live Chat Sponsorships. Host or sponsor a single targeted event, or drive brand wareness to the extreme with our Chatroom Co-Branding option.
Chatroom Co-Brand Package

Components: Exclusive logo co-brand in all live chatrooms
Huge "Big Box" banner ad on chatroom entrance
Text ad in header of daily Events email newsletter
Large text ad in monthly email blast
Impressions: 5,000/Month
Rates (M/Q/Y): $500/$1500/$3000
Chatroom Standard Banner

Specifications: 468x60 pixels; 4 loops; 15kb;
Impressions: 5,000/Month
Rates (M/Q/Y): $100/$200/$500
Chatroom Mini Banner

Specifications: 125x125 pixels; 4 loops; 10kb;
Impressions: 1000/Month
Rates (M/Q/Y): $100/$150/$350
Chatroom Stamp Banner

Specifications: 120x60 pixels; 4 loops; 7kb;
Impressions: 1000/Month
Rates (M/Q/Y): $50/$100/$250

For complete details on live event promotions and to reserve your space, call us toll-free at (888) 430-8322 today!
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