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Your best option for reaching parrot owners and breeders in your target market. Our Sponsorship Packages combine precision targeting of our specialized resources with additional run-of-site exposure across our website to create a mass campaign that is sure to get noticed by your prospects.

Here's how it works: first select the resource on our website you'd like to target, then choose your creatives to deploy - from our high-impact leaderboard and skyscraper banners, to our classic standard-sized banner and high-copy textbox placement. All sponsorship packages also include free sponsorship of the resource's companion mailring, and additional run of site impressions to drive down the rates for the overall package to near ROS levels. Lock in the resource of your choice for a quarter or year and preserve your marketing edge at CPM rates among the lowest of any leading parrot website!

Questions about how our sponsorship packages work or availability of your favorite resource? Call us toll-free today at (888)430-8322.

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