Thanks for your interest in Birdee's Toys! Birdee's toys are made with safety and your bird's mental stimulation in mind. We start with untreated bird-safe wood. This wood is then cut and the pieces dyed in human-grade food coloring. Then fun and colorful shapes are strung together with 100% cotton rope.

These toys are designed with bright, vibrant colors (yes, birds do see in full color!) so they are enticing to your feathered friend. The wood is also soft enough to be an inviting treat for a parrot's beak, while still being hard enough that it cannot be destroyed in five minutes flat. Of course, all Birdee Toys have been tested by Birdee (the toy destroyer) and his panel of feathered experts (three Amazon Parrots, two Cockatiels, a Cockatoo, two Conures and a Timneh Grey).

  Birdee's Toys offers the following designs**:
The Niblet $5
This petite little toy is just perfect for the bird with a light appetite
14 X 4" - 7oz
The Appetizer $6
This toy is the Niblets bigger brother. Just a little more braun.
15 X 4" - 8oz
A Days Work $9
This toy is for the bird with a little more time on their hands.
7 X 15" - 11oz
Days Work Tie Dye $9
A "tie dyed" version of the original - for "groovy" parrots!
7 X 15" - 11oz
Wonder Weave $10
With such a cool rope pattern, it's a shame to chew it up (but chewing is more fun)!
7 X 15" - 8oz
Wonder Weave White $10
We took the same cool toy, but wove it with strong cotton clothesline rope.
7 X 15" - 8oz
The Monster Medium $15
As you can see, this one's for the medium bird with the MONSTER appetite!
8 X 18" - 15oz
The Monster Large $18
This is the Granddaddy of all our toys! Big enough for our "chewingest" customers!
8 X 21" - 18oz
The Main Course $12
A Birdee Toys classic! With so much to chew on, where's a bird to start?
7 X 15" - 10oz
**Actual colors may vary based on availability