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Parrot Chat (General)Parrot Chat (Gen)

Chat about parrots and parrot people. All topics that don't fit in other chatboards!
Parrot Social ChatboardParrot Social Chat

Shoot the breeze with other parrot people - network, share stories, or just say hello
Parrot Breeders ChatParrot Breeders Chat

Chat about parrot breeding and care, from nestboxes to feeding, genetics and more
Birdcare ChatboardBirdcare Chat

Chat about clipping wings, trimming talons, proper diet, household toxins, and more
African Grey ChatboardAfrican Grey Chat

Discuss care and training of the fascinating and exceptional timneh and congo african grey parrots
Amazon Parrot ChatboardAmazon Parrot Chat

Chatboard for amazon parrot owners - sweet and intelligent, the charmers of the parrot world
Budgie ChatboardBudgies Chat

Chat about caring for the ubiquitous australian budgirigar and other small parakeets
Cockatiels ChatboardCockatiels Chat

Join the discussion with other owners of these amazingly gentle and sweet cuddle bugs, the cockatiel!
Cockatoos ChatboardCockatoos Chat

Chat about caring for the lovable and sometimes downright insistent cockatoos
Conures ChatboardConures Chat

Chat about the conure - tiny, graceful and not to be ignored, the conure is an unforgettable companion
Finches ChatboardFinches Chat

Join a dicussion network and chat about those colorful and adorable finches.
Lovebirds ChatboardLovebirds Chat

The original cuddlebug, lovebirds are winning converts around the world - join the group!
Macaws ChatboardMacaws Chat

Chat about the most stunning and elegant species of hookbill gracing the planet - the macaw parrot
Poicephalus ChatboardPoicephalus Chat

Chat about poicephalus - the Senegal, the Meyers, the Jardines Parrot, Red Bellied, and more!
Quaker Parrot ChatboardQuakers Chat

Chat about the hardy Quaker parrot, also known as the Monk Parakeet.
Softbills ChatboardSoftbills Chat

Chat about the fascinating softbills, including the Eclectus, the Mynah, and the stunning Toucan
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