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Re: Flighted Birds.Good for you Patsy intelligence shows

Posted by Jim on 1/11/06
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    On 1/11/06, Patsy wrote:
    > I have been reading this thread for some time and I have
    > decided to take the time to post.
    > Until those of you who clip wings spend time with a fully
    > flighted you will never know the difference.
    > Have you ever taken the time to interact with a bird that
    > has been fully flighted from a baby? How are you able to
    > intelligently make a decision on what is correct when you
    > have no information about flight then your own biased
    > opinion? When someone does give you good information you
    > shoot it down because it doesn't tell you what you want to
    > hear.
    > Due to your lack of credentials every time you speak you
    > loose validity. Until you have lived with a fully flighted
    > bird you are definitely not qualified to give advice on
    > their behalf.
    > Below is a link to the cockatiel chat...even this owner can
    > see they difference when birds are allowed to fly.
    I think many people just go along because it is so much
    easier to chop off part of their bird to make it submissive
    rather than allow it it's God given right to fly Patsy so
    thank goodness you have the intelligence to try and educate
    some people with a bit of luck. I recently went to a home
    where there was enough room to give her birds a place to
    exercise and fly but she said "It is just SO much easier for
    me to control them if they just flop about and I can pick
    them up" wow and what happens if the dog or cat get in? These
    were just little Cockatiels I might add.
    I still think it should be an offense to keep any animal in a
    house if that house is not set up to allow said animal/bird
    to live a natural life even if it is not completely as it
    would be outside but where it can stretch it's wings and fly.
    Why have a bird in the first place? if all you want to do
    is "crush it's spirit?
    Still beats me how some humans can believe it is o.k. I also
    am completely against dogs chained for long periods and
    chickens not allowed to peck the ground but left in cages all
    day with the lights on so they lay more and mutilate each
    other through the cages. Humans have a lot to answer for.