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Re: Flighted Birds......

Posted by Bluebird on 1/11/06
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    Patsy, I own birds that have been clipped and birds that
    have been allowed to fly from fledging on. My birds that have
    been able to fly all their lives are happier and much more
    confident than the birds that were clipped. I live in a
    moderately sized home with three bedrooms and my birds that
    have always flown can negotiate the obstacales in house
    easily. I have never had any bird fly into a window or a pot.
    The birds that previously were clipped now fly too and their
    confidence level has increased. Yes, they need to be watched
    or there is a chunk out of the woodwork. If we are going
    keep birds that were designed to fly we need to try to give
    them the best possible lives and let them do what they were
    made to do.
    On 1/11/06, Patsy wrote:
    > I have been reading this thread for some time and I have
    > decided to take the time to post.
    > Until those of you who clip wings spend time with a fully
    > flighted you will never know the difference.
    > Have you ever taken the time to interact with a bird that
    > has been fully flighted from a baby? How are you able to
    > intelligently make a decision on what is correct when you
    > have no information about flight then your own biased
    > opinion? When someone does give you good information you
    > shoot it down because it doesn't tell you what you want to
    > hear.
    > Due to your lack of credentials every time you speak you
    > loose validity. Until you have lived with a fully flighted
    > bird you are definitely not qualified to give advice on
    > their behalf.
    > Below is a link to the cockatiel chat...even this owner can
    > see they difference when birds are allowed to fly.