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Re: Flighted Birds......

Posted by Scott on 1/11/06
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    I have been reading your response and I am schocked that you
    feel homes are such a risk. Where do you live that your home
    is a risk for your birds to fly around? Do you have knifes
    hanging or something? Any home that is "kid" proof for the
    most part is also bird proof. Yes they can get into trouble
    but come on, so can a 3 year old. Flighted birds are much
    happier than any clipped bird I know. My macaw has been
    flighted his whole life and does fine flying around my home.
    He never hit a wall or door so hard that he hurt himself,
    maybe your birds were trying to get away from you and your
    crazyness. All pets need to be watched when doors are opened,
    if your bird is trained properly an open door will not be an
    open invitation to "escape". -Scott-