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Re: Flighted Birds......Scott

Posted by Alison on 1/12/06
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    On 1/11/06, Scott wrote:
    > -Alison-
    > Alison,
    > I have been reading your response and I am schocked that you
    > feel homes are such a risk. Where do you live that your home
    > is a risk for your birds to fly around? Do you have knifes
    > hanging or something? Any home that is "kid" proof for the
    > most part is also bird proof. Yes they can get into trouble
    > but come on, so can a 3 year old. Flighted birds are much
    > happier than any clipped bird I know. My macaw has been
    > flighted his whole life and does fine flying around my home.
    > He never hit a wall or door so hard that he hurt himself,
    > maybe your birds were trying to get away from you and your
    > crazyness. All pets need to be watched when doors are opened,
    > if your bird is trained properly an open door will not be an
    > open invitation to "escape". -Scott-
    Are you serious? I know of no children who have been cut in half
    or decapitated by a ceiling fan. I don't know of any who have
    landed in a boiling pot of spagetti. I also don't know of any
    who have run out an open door and been slaughtered by a hawk.
    Where do I live, I think the question is, where do you live that
    this sort of thing happens. A child proof home is not just as
    safe for a bird. A flighted bird can easily fly OVER the gate
    that keep the child out of the kitchen and bathroom and away from
    a hot stove or oven or open toilet. And I never heard of a child
    being crushed between the top of the door and the door frame
    because someone didn't see it perched there when they shut the
    door. Your argument aren't worth the time it took you to type
    them or me to respond to them, but unfortunately if they are left
    unanswered, some other unknowledgable person may actually think
    that what you said it somehow true. I can't bear the thought of
    another bird dying because of people like you. And for your
    info, I have saved more birds in my life than you will likely
    ever lay eyes on, so get off your ignorant high horse. -Alison-