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Re: Flighted Birds......

Posted by Scott on 1/12/06
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    On 1/11/06, MKay wrote:
    > On 1/11/06, Scott wrote:
    >> My macaw has been
    >> flighted his whole life and does fine flying around my home.
    >> He never hit a wall or door so hard that he hurt himself,
    > Not so hard that he hurt himself, eh? Genius. You free-flight
    > activists need to stop comparing amputation to wing clipping.
    > That is absurd. I know of a few people near me that had
    > flighted birds in their home that were perfectly happy,
    > flighted, inside their homes. They both lost their birds this
    > summer to open doors. One was a tiel and one was a CAG. Do you
    > honestly want us to believe you leave your fully-flighted macaw
    > in a room with an open door to the outside? I'm sorry. I'm not
    > buying it.
    Than I feel sorry for you, my bird is very happy and enjoys his
    full flighted life. He knows not to go out side with out his
    harness on.