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Re: Flighted Birds......Scott

Posted by Scott on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Alison wrote:
    > On 1/11/06, Scott wrote:
    >> -Alison-
    >> Alison,
    >> I have been reading your response and I am schocked that you
    >> feel homes are such a risk. Where do you live that your home
    >> is a risk for your birds to fly around? Do you have knifes
    >> hanging or something? Any home that is "kid" proof for the
    >> most part is also bird proof. Yes they can get into trouble
    >> but come on, so can a 3 year old. Flighted birds are much
    >> happier than any clipped bird I know. My macaw has been
    >> flighted his whole life and does fine flying around my home.
    >> He never hit a wall or door so hard that he hurt himself,
    >> maybe your birds were trying to get away from you and your
    >> crazyness. All pets need to be watched when doors are opened,
    >> if your bird is trained properly an open door will not be an
    >> open invitation to "escape". -Scott-
    > __________________________________________________
    > Are you serious? I know of no children who have been cut in half
    > or decapitated by a ceiling fan. I don't know of any who have
    > landed in a boiling pot of spagetti. I also don't know of any
    > who have run out an open door and been slaughtered by a hawk.
    > Where do I live, I think the question is, where do you live that
    > this sort of thing happens. A child proof home is not just as
    > safe for a bird. A flighted bird can easily fly OVER the gate
    > that keep the child out of the kitchen and bathroom and away from
    > a hot stove or oven or open toilet. And I never heard of a child
    > being crushed between the top of the door and the door frame
    > because someone didn't see it perched there when they shut the
    > door. Your argument aren't worth the time it took you to type
    > them or me to respond to them, but unfortunately if they are left
    > unanswered, some other unknowledgable person may actually think
    > that what you said it somehow true. I can't bear the thought of
    > another bird dying because of people like you. And for your
    > info, I have saved more birds in my life than you will likely
    > ever lay eyes on, so get off your ignorant high horse. -Alison-

    Well, I guess we all know who is suffereing from PMS now don't we.
    Did you read your response? How dumb was that, a childproof home
    is just as safe for a bird, it is all about the training and how
    you take care of them. And how do you know how many birds I have
    even seen? If this is a power trip for you than enjoy, I just want
    bird owners with a heart to understand that they do NOT have to
    clip wings no matter what people like you or un educated vets think.