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Re: Flighted Birds......Scott

Posted by Alison on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    > Well, I guess we all know who is suffereing from PMS now don't we.
    > Did you read your response? How dumb was that, a childproof home
    > is just as safe for a bird, it is all about the training and how
    > you take care of them. And how do you know how many birds I have
    > even seen? If this is a power trip for you than enjoy, I just want
    > bird owners with a heart to understand that they do NOT have to
    > clip wings no matter what people like you or un educated vets think.
    Suffering from PMS? Thats your response? LMAO. Well there a
    wonderful argument for putting your birds in danger. Did I read my
    response, gee, no I just blindly type without actually caring what
    keys I hit...Brilliant! Did you read my response? I'll type really
    slow for you this time okay? Children DO NOT FLY! Therefore the
    dangers to a flighted bird are NOT dangers for a child. Child proof
    all you want, it won't protect you bird. Owners with a heart? That
    is what those of us who choose to PROTECT our birds are. That is why
    we try to protect them. If I was 100 percent sure that my birds
    could safely have flight in my home, I would let them. But they
    cannot, so until I either buy a bigger home that can be build to
    safely accomodate a flighted Macaw, CAG, (or any other bird) and
    totally eliminate those dangers including double doors all around to
    prevent accidentally having a bird get outside and killed, or be able
    to build a large enough safe aviary here, No, I won't leave them
    flighted and risk being responsible for thier deaths. I hope your
    luck holds out because if it doesn't, your bird is the one who will
    pay the ultimate price, not you. You are willing to put your bird in
    danger, and you call me heartless? -Alison-