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Re: Flighted Birds..Scott/Guess this bird wasn't trained?

Posted by FYI on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    it is all about the training and how
    > you take care of them. If this is a power trip for you than
    enjoy, I just want
    > bird owners with a heart to understand that they do NOT have to
    > clip wings no matter what people like you or un educated vets think.

    BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: African Grey Timneh
    Lost: Wesley Chapel FL on 1/12/06

    Shadow, an african grey timneh parrot, flew away from home
    after 12 years with our family. Lost November 6th, 2005,
    from Wesley Chapel (near Tampa) Florida. All grey with
    maroon tail, flesh & black colored beak. Band on leg.
    Talks & whistles and imitates many sounds. Heartbroken
    family. Please email REWARD thanks