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Re: Errors in your comparisons.

Posted by Cassie on 1/12/06
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    This reply is unimpressive.

    If you cut the both wings and legs off of a bird- then it would
    truely be a parrot without mobilization- or a carrot. Only THEN can
    you assosiate it to cutting the legs off of a dog in this barbaric

    Birds can adapt to being clipped if you let them, and you can make
    up for it if you actually WANT them to be active, you have to take
    part in their lives; just as you would with a dog to play fetch, go
    for walks, housetain and such. It does not sound like you want to
    do it. Is it too much work for the common owner? If so, then there
    should not be a bird in the household. Would you not want to
    housetrain a dog? Teach them not to nip or bite strangers? It's a
    form of control, and we wouldn't want control, would we? No
    comparison there.

    Having control of your animals is the key role of being a guardian-
    HELLO! If your dog gets out and gets hit by a car, attacks someone
    unprovoked or causes an accident, the only person that police and
    animal control can do is point the finger at YOU for your inability
    to keep your animals safe.

    Don't think your bird is exempt from danger. You are seriously
    detatched from reality, to a fault, if you are so delusional as to
    believe your fully-flighted bird is invincable and uncapable of
    getting hurt or killed in the two seconds you turn your back. Two
    seconds is all it takes.

    If you want to comprimise your birds life, go ahead. That's just
    not a risk that people who clip our birds are willing to take- and
    I am not a gambler.

    On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    > On 1/12/06, Alison wrote:
    >> On 1/12/06, Patsy wrote:
    >>> Although all concerns for both baby and birds are valid, the
    >>> idea of cutting wings to deal with them is just as barbaric
    >>> as cutting of your childrens legs.
    >> ________________________________________
    >> Your argument is pathetic and a sick comparison. Trimming
    >> wings to keep a bird from gaining the speed necessary to injure
    >> itself in a confined area is nothing like amputating a childs
    >> legs. -Alison-
    > although it is a sick comparison, it is true! It is the same
    > thing, or like cutting off a dogs legs because they got "out" the
    > door. Flighted birds are like and other pet, don't cripple them
    > because it makes you happy to have control over them.