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Re: The Reason for Flight is a Happier and Healthier Bird...

Posted by Patsy on 1/12/06
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    The reason for flight is a Happier and Healthier bird. All of the
    benefits of flight well outweigh any cons. If you choose to ignore
    them, that's your prerogative.

    I could take cassima's attitude and say, if a flighted bird flies out
    the window or door it is the owners fault for not keeping track of them
    but the truth is there are hazards birds face whether they are clipped
    or can fly. It is ALWAYS the owners responsibility to keep them same.
    However I will refer back to this articles for anyone who wants to talk
    about specific dangers for flighted birds. It is well shower more
    dangers are lurking for birds that cannot fly.

    The point here is keeping an animal or child safe does not give you the
    right to cripple them.