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Re: Being stepped on is still no reason for flight, bluebird

Posted by Blue bird on 1/12/06
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    The reason for flight is that is what nature intended. Go to any
    national conference and talk to the speakers and the attendees there
    are fewer and fewer people clipping their birds. My birds fly to me
    when they want attention , instead of screeming for my attention.
    On 1/12/06, Cassima wrote:
    > Then that is your choice to keep their flight. I do agree with you
    > that there needs to be more rigerous training for birds and bird
    > owners, though. However, until there is a "norm" for all bird owners,
    > that most likely will not happen as it has with dogs.
    > If a bird has been stepped on, it's the OWNERS' fault for not keeping
    > them off the floor and teaching them to stay on the cage or giving
    > them a place they want to be away from heavy foot-traffic areas of
    > the home. I have no sympathy for these people. This just shows how
    > irresponsible some bird owners actually are, whether flighted or not.
    > Them being on the floor has never a problem in my house with the
    > birds I have now. You watch where you walk; it's as simple as that.
    > On 1/12/06, Bluebird wrote:
    >> There are risks for children and there are risks for our birds.
    >> Many a child has walked out of a door and down the street. I did
    >> when I was two. Luckly, my mother got to me before I reached a busy
    >> street. How many clipped birds have been stepped on because they
    >> were on the floor? I know of a few. Most of the birds that I know
    >> of that have flown away were clipped but got suprised and took off
    >> much to their owner's suprise. I think it is time to for bird
    >> owning folks to catch up with responsible dog owners and start to
    >> do some serious training of their birds. They should be able to
    >> stay and come on command just like any dog does. It can be done
    >> take a look at the Good Bird Inc Magazine. I have two macaws, and
    >> unbrella, SI Eclectus and a cockateil that all fly. My umbrella can
    >> cut corners and fly from the very back of my house to the very
    >> front. I feel it is worth the risk to let them fly as nature
    >> intended.