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Re: Birds have a right to fly.

Posted by Cassie on 1/12/06
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    My mysterious one, whoever you are, I want to KISS you! <3

    Allowing a parrot to fly, then putting them in a harness (or in some people's
    cases, just tie a rope around the ankle) is the most hypicritical thing ever.
    My birds are clipped, but my Cocktiels are harness trained, and I made one for
    one of my freinds' Doves. All I need is a nice gust of wind to take them off my
    shoulder. Even clipped, hard winds can still make a bird "fly" away.

    On 1/12/06, to Jim wrote:
    > Birds that fly land on the floor and get stepped on. Worse yet, they land on
    > the street and get run over.
    > Oh, and you are the only one saying that we "cripple" them to "suit our
    > needs"
    > What a rock-headed fool you are being. Harnesses. How do you explain
    > that? That's like putting a child on a leash!!! Talk about CONTROLLING.
    > Are you confused? Is it free-flight or not? NOT. Not with a harness!
    > One day, you will have a revelation. I just hope it is not at the expense
    > of a parrot.