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Re: Being stepped on is still no reason for flight, bluebird

Posted by Alison on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Blue bird wrote:
    > The reason for flight is that is what nature intended.
    What nature intended, was for birds to be free PERIOD! But since we
    selfish humans CHOOSE to take away that freedom and put these magnificent
    creatures in cages, the least we can do is keep them SAFE. Don't you
    dare talk about what nature intended when YOU KEEP NATURE IN A CAGE! And
    don't mistake this, even birds loose in your home are in nothing but a
    man made CAGE! Clipping the wings is actually nothing compared to taking
    their freedom away, but I don't see any of you 'flighted bird' owners
    fretting over that fact! At least most of us who choose to try and keep
    them safe, also admit that it is our responsibility to them given we put
    them in danger in the first place simply by forcing them into OUR
    world. -Alison-