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Re: Birds have a right to fly.

Posted by MKay on 1/12/06
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    Jim, you're in Australia, where these birds fly freely. If an injured goldfinch
    or sparrow were to be nursed back to health by me, I'd, too set them free. Last
    summer, and two summers before that, we rescued baby kestrals that had fallen
    from their nest, one was being chased by the neighborhood kids as it flopped
    towards the street nearby. We didn't keep them. Here, they are not kept as
    pets. We took them to the wildife reserve that is the safe haven for birds of
    prey. They care for them until weaned and ready to go, and they release them.
    That's exactly what you did with your Galah. You cannot grasp the concept of
    what we are saying until you live with parrots that are not native to
    Austrailia. Stop being so angry, and just consider it for a moment. You're so
    quick to lash out but you are ignorant to the concept.