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Re: Being stepped on is still no reason for flight, bluebird

Posted by MKay on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Bluebird wrote:
    > No silly, my birds are in their cages when I am not home, sleeping or if
    > not able to supervise them properly. They are out all other times. They
    > have a choice to seek attention from me instead of being stuck on a
    > playstand begging or screeming.

    ************Maybe birds in YOUR home scream and beg if 'stuck' on a
    playstand. That sounds like a personal problem. Some of mine were screamers
    in their old homes, but they're SINGERS here!

    Yes, they are companions but they are not
    > truly domesticated like dogs are. Do we alter how a dog moves around in
    > our home?

    ***********YES!!!! Are your dogs welcome on your furniture? Do you let them
    put their paws on the counter while they grab for your dinner plate? Do you
    allow them to jump up on you and your guests? We sure do alter their

    Clipping wings is like tying a dog to the couch.

    *******************Once again, absurd! Ignorant statement.

    >Parrots are not breed to not have wings. *** HUH? ***

    >I feel that birds that can fly make better pets, are less fearful and bite

    ****Do you honestly believe biting has anything to do with whether they are
    clipped or not?

    >When I bring my Umbrella to the vet his heart beat stays normal.

    *****That's wonderful; your bird is comfortable with your vet, as they
    should be!

    >When I take him for talks at schools he is calm and relaxed.

    ****MINE, TOO! And ALL the kids can let them perch on their arms without
    any worries!

    I think the score is even.