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Re: "Parrots for Dummies" is a great resource

Posted by Cassie on 1/12/06
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    How drole. Did you ever pick up a book before you bought a bird? Or was it a spur-of-the-
    moment purchase? You, yourself, did say "as you became more knowledgable". I bought all of
    my books and such BEFORE I even thought of putting money on a my own bird.

    I do not trust websites that have a skew on reality, and anything on the internet can be
    falsified information. Books in print, if not true, you can find information on how and why
    or why not, and reveiws from difinitive and respected sources. I hardly trust the internet
    unless it explains "why" of what I already know or gives and alternitive with beleivable

    Try reading those books sometime- their very useful.

    On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    > On 1/12/06, Cassima wrote:
    >> ...This and most authors of those "child development" books have a degree... but no
    >> children.
    >> I may refer you to "Parrots for Dummies." It does say clipping is a good thing ^_^ and
    >> it is done by an author who HAS birds.
    >> On 1/12/06, MKay wrote:
    >>> On 1/12/06, Bluebird wrote:
    >>>> Check out a child development book sometime
    >>> I'm sure, Bluebird, that you could give references to books that suggest leashing
    >>> your children is a necessary step in their development. I would then refer you to
    >>> the many books on keeping a marriage together, by an author who is three times
    >>> divorced!
    > The title of the book says it all..."Parrots for Dummies".