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Re: Are you an only child, Scott?

Posted by Scott on 1/13/06
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    On 1/12/06, Cassima wrote:
    > Look man... I am the third fo eight kids. Yes, you do need to shut off
    > parts of the house. They can go UP stairs, the going DOWN is how they get
    > hurt. And the kitchen, and the bathroom, and the laundry room, and the back
    > door was locked and the screen in the front was locked...
    > Need I go on?
    > On 1/12/06, Alison wrote:
    >> On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    >>> So let me get this straight, if you had a child, would you completely
    >>> shut them off from the parts of your house that may potentially be a
    >>> danger to them?
    >> ____________________________________________________
    >> ABSOLUTELY! And I do have a child. If you had children you would know
    >> that they learn to walk, long before they have the capacity to understand
    >> danger. I had gates keeping my child safe from injury in the two most
    >> dangerous rooms in ANY home. The Kitchen and the Bathroom. -Alison-

    No please stop caging your kids and crippling your birds. I am one of 4 kids
    and have 3 of my own and a "gate" has never been in our home(s). There is nmo
    need as long as you educate your children and know what you are doing before
    you have them. Same goes for clipping wings. I have read several child
    development books and I use most of them to train my birds as well. (Since
    that is what my degree is in) -Scott-