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Re: Couldn't be silent anymore!!

Posted by Debby on 1/13/06
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    Read through this whole thread with interest and an open mind. BUT when he says
    that you can train a small child to not go somewhere where they are not supposed
    to, I draw the line.

    Tell me how is a crawler of 9 or 10 months old, even a year or 18 months,
    supposed to know the dangers of opening up cabinets and getting to poisen, or
    falling down the stairs without a gate?

    Scott did you raise your children alone? I think maybe your wife did have
    something to do with it yes? Im sure if you asked your wife, it took a long
    time, before a small child has the knowledge to know what is good and bad for
    them. I am the mother of 4, and I did use gates at the steps, playpens, etc.
    They are not at the age of understanding yet when they first learn to crawl. Its
    that simple.

    Now the clipping thing, that seems to come up on this board time and time again.
    As I do understand people wanting to keep their birds fully flighted, in my
    opinion it is not in the birds best interest being a domesticated animal. I fail
    to see how clipping a few flight wings so they glide, is compared to cutting off
    a childs legs. I believe this thread has gotten out of hand, and utterly
    rediculous at this point.

    Before when this was raised, people agreed to disagree, why can't you do that
    now? No one is going to win this battle of "to clip or not to clip". If you
    dont't want to clip fine, if you do thats fine as well. But the name calling ,
    the bickering is starting to get juvenile at this point. As I said before if you
    don't want to clip, don't, if you do, thats fine as well. It doesn't make the
    "non clipper" any better of a person then the "clipper".

    Personally I clip, a nice soft few feather clip. My birds are thriving, and very
    happy. I excersise them every day with fly....they flap their wings
    till there is no tomorrow! They have all been vet checked and given a clean bill
    of health. They are emotionally stable as well. To those of you who choose not
    to clip, thats your decision. Just hope one day we don't see your post on the
    Lost board of Birdmart cause the door was open when the bird was flying!

    PS. Hello to all that know me, been awhile since I posted here.


    >>>> So let me get this straight, if you had a child, would you completely
    >>>> shut them off from the parts of your house that may potentially be a
    >>>> danger to them?
    >>> ____________________________________________________
    >>> ABSOLUTELY! And I do have a child. If you had children you would know
    >>> that they learn to walk, long before they have the capacity to understand
    >>> danger. I had gates keeping my child safe from injury in the two most
    >>> dangerous rooms in ANY home. The Kitchen and the Bathroom. -Alison-
    >> _____________________________________________________________________
    >> WOW so you cage your children! That explains alot. I guess I am just
    >> lucky because my children are smart enough to understand the word no and
    >> know to stay away form danger, even as crawlers. -Scott-
    > _________________________________________________
    > You just went flying past pathetic and obsurd, and straight into just plain
    > stupid and obnoxious. Keeping a child out of the kitchen and bathroom is
    > not 'caging' them you imbicile. -Alison-