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Re: You still have no room to talk, Scott.

Posted by Cassima on 1/13/06
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    Dude... Now you are the one acting like a sped.

    You went from debating about birds into telling us how to raise kids. Why don't
    you write a combined book on raising birds AND children, publish it and allow
    US to decide for ourselves? Once you have 5 kids, that is the point of no
    return, man. You NEED the gates and closed doors because you cannot be at every
    child's side all at once. We are talking about "Motherhood", unless there is a
    new breed of woman out ther I don't know about.

    I'll take one of them, too, as well as a Super Bird. I'll need a back-up.

    You have no right to judge anyone because YOU did not do it. Congradulations.
    How amny "accidents" or "OOPIES!" did you have in your house? Apparently you
    don't live in a 5-bedroom quadlevel, with 4 bathrooms, 2 different back doors
    and a swimming pool in the back yard. A small child is easily lost in a home
    like that, so the gates are needed if you are upstairs, just in case one of the
    other kids "forgets" they should be watching the baby while mom gives a bath to
    another or two (even in the same room) and the baby goes tumbling down the

    That's right... You only have three. You don't seem to have that kind of a
    problem, so your "Stop cageing your kids" solution does not apply.

    Get a degree, publish a book, then we'll talk about our inability to raise
    kids, K? Until then, you have nothing to say.

    Plus... Throw a bird into the mix, and then you have a grand ol' time trying to
    keep track of everyone. The Macaw came in handy though. "I see TIFFINY!!! Mom,
    TIFFINY!" "I see KEVIN! Momma! KEVIN'S here!" She can name all of us, and she
    tended to follow me and my twin around alot "Momma! Come get CASSIE!", "Momma,
    TREA's in here!" (My sister's name is Thelese, but she has a hard time
    pronouncing the "th" sound)or "TWINS-TWINS-TWINS-TWINS! Double trouble my way!"

    There were times all eight of use got into trouble. We would play hide-and-seek
    with her, so when we all got in trouble at the same time, that little snitch
    knew our hiding places. "I FOUND YOU! My turn!" She was the most wonderful -
    ahem- "toy" of us. She loved to play baby, and we would put a bonnet on her and
    push her in a stroller. Mom even let us feed her baby food with one of those
    rubber-covered spoons and sit her in the high-chair. That bird loved every
    moment of it. I miss her so much.

    And she ALWAYS has been clipped.

    On 1/13/06, Scott wrote:
    > On 1/12/06, Cassima wrote:
    >> Look man... I am the third fo eight kids. Yes, you do need to shut off
    >> parts of the house. They can go UP stairs, the going DOWN is how they get
    >> hurt. And the kitchen, and the bathroom, and the laundry room, and the back
    >> door was locked and the screen in the front was locked...
    >> Need I go on?
    >> On 1/12/06, Alison wrote:
    >>> On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    >>>> So let me get this straight, if you had a child, would you completely
    >>>> shut them off from the parts of your house that may potentially be a
    >>>> danger to them?
    >>> ____________________________________________________
    >>> ABSOLUTELY! And I do have a child. If you had children you would know
    >>> that they learn to walk, long before they have the capacity to understand
    >>> danger. I had gates keeping my child safe from injury in the two most
    >>> dangerous rooms in ANY home. The Kitchen and the Bathroom. -Alison-
    > _________________________________________________________________________
    > No please stop caging your kids and crippling your birds. I am one of 4 kids
    > and have 3 of my own and a "gate" has never been in our home(s). There is nmo
    > need as long as you educate your children and know what you are doing before
    > you have them. Same goes for clipping wings. I have read several child
    > development books and I use most of them to train my birds as well. (Since
    > that is what my degree is in) -Scott-