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Re: You people are so desperate...

Posted by Patsy on 1/13/06
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    You proclip people are so desperately trying to make a point you are making fools
    of yourselves. The accusations, and name calling should make you ashamed of
    yourselves! I am ashamed to even be associated with a board that allows such

    I have to bring this back to where it began days ago:

    1) The ability of flight does make a Happier and Healthier parrot. The facts
    are plentiful. You can find the links at the very beginning of these threads. If
    people chose to ignore them that's there choice.

    2) I must also bring up the original posting made by The Parrot University were
    very scientific offering valid evidence and impressive experience and
    credentials. But you are only listening to what you want to hear.

    The truth is times are changing. No longer are we made to feel irresponsible for
    allowing our parrots to live as they were intended...full flighted! Hopefully,
    for the sake of the birds, owners will open their eyes enough to see the change
    before it is too late.