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Re: Flighted Birds. Patsy and Scott keep up the good work

Posted by Alison on 1/13/06
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    On 1/13/06, Jim wrote:
    > Patsy and Scott you are so right but it seems people just
    > MAKE a bird adapt to their ways and their home completely
    > instead of looking at the situation before they acquire a
    > bird and adapt themselves and their home to the birds needs!
    > If people want a bird in the home (yes this is just my
    > opinion along with many like minds) they should make sure
    > there is a safe place where the bird can be a bird and be
    > able to fly etc. and then it can be introduced anywhere else
    > with care and education. If a person does not have the
    > ability to do this "why on God's Earth have a bird inside in
    > the first place? - decoration? status symbol? pretty? etc.
    > etc.
    > Jim
    Okay then Jim, lets see, in order to adapt our homes to what
    you feel is a birds needs, first we all need to remove our
    toilets, because after all, most men can't even remember to put
    the seat down, so how could they be expected to do that AND
    remember to close the cover as well so a flighted bird doesn't
    fly in there and drown in the toilet. You like out houses? I
    hope so. Second, we should all remove our stoves because every
    time we cook on them, we would run the risk of a flighted bird
    flying in the kitchen and getting hurt or killed in the boiling
    pot of what ever it is we are cooking. I hope cold meals and
    raw food are acceptable to you. Third, gotta remove all
    interior doors so that a flighted bird doesn't get crushed to
    death when someone doesn't realize the birds is perched on top
    and closes the door. Who needs privacy anyway? Fourth, we
    need to install a double door system on all doors to the
    outside, so that when we exit one door, we can look around the
    space and make sure there is no flighted bird in there, before
    we open the second door. This is do-able, a bit inconvenient
    and the house would look like crap, but thats irrelevent,
    right. Fifth, we all need to remove the top half of interior
    walls in our average size homes, so that our birds can fly from
    one end to the other without hitting their wings on the hallway
    walls or crashing into them when flying in a blind panic.
    Again, who needs privacy. Sixth, don't forget to cover all
    windows and mirrors with a blanket so that a startled full
    flight bird doesn't crash into it and kill itself in it's
    frightened state. Who needs sunlight anyway. Sound stupid?
    Of course it does, but then you are the one who suggested we
    need to alter our homes to accomodate a flighted bird,