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Re: Couldn't be silent anymore!! /Jim

Posted by Debby on 1/13/06
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    *throwing up my hands* This is the only part of the post that you pick up and say
    something about? Did you not read the part that says, can't we all agree to
    disagree? This will never be solved, there are people that choose to clip, and
    people that do not...... My birds are happy and healthy, to me that is all that

    Why do you keep beating a dead horse?

    My birds glide....thats what they do to keep them from the dangers as described in
    posts that have already been posted. I have witnessed a flighted bird my neighbor
    had, zooming around the house, the bird flew into the kitchen, and landed right in a
    hot oil pan that they just got done using. Needless to say their beloved pet died.
    It can happen in a split second. Thats all it took for their bird to be gone.

    Again I say, we are beating a dead horse into the ground.

    > On 1/13/06, Debby wrote:
    > My birds are thriving, and very
    > happy.
    > I excersise them every day with fly....they flap their wings
    > till there is no tomorrow!
    > ...
    > Birds are extremely intelligent creatures but I hope they do not really
    > understand what other birds do when they "really do fly" because they would
    > be more than anything very sad and embarrassed that a human would pretend to them
    > that flying is being held by the legs and allowed to flap their wings with said
    > human calling fly fly fly until they are spent. :(
    > Jim.