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Re: Flighted Birds......Scott/Alison

Posted by Debby on 1/13/06
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    Your so right!! No 9 month old in their walker knows danger. NONE! I agree with
    you one hundred percent!

    >>> On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    >>>> So let me get this straight, if you had a child, would you completely
    >>>> shut them off from the parts of your house that may potentially be a
    >>>> danger to them?
    >>> ____________________________________________________
    >>> ABSOLUTELY! And I do have a child. If you had children you would know
    >>> that they learn to walk, long before they have the capacity to
    >> understand
    >>> danger. I had gates keeping my child safe from injury in the two most
    >>> dangerous rooms in ANY home. The Kitchen and the Bathroom. -Alison-
    >> Have you ever heard of training them, both birds and small children, by
    >> using the word NO? I have both, a macaw and 2 children and they all
    >> understand NO and I have never had to gate my children!
    > _______________________________________________________
    > Have YOU ever heard of parental responibility? It is your job to ensure the
    > safety of your children the best way you can. I just bet you are one of
    > those people who would allow your child to fall down the stairs in a walker
    > because you think a 9 month old has a freaken clue what you are saying and
    > then sue the company like it is their fault that you failed to protect your
    > child yourself. -Alison-