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Re: Toilet seats SHOULD be left up!

Posted by Jimbo on 1/13/06
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    Why oh why (now I have two girls rooming at my house) can't they
    be trained to leave the toilet seat UP.

    As far as birds are concerned there is a door on the toilet. Even
    when feathers are hacked as is often the way it is done, birds
    can flop into many dangers anyway.
    If I had birds as "pets" I do not like that word as it is
    undermining a bird to me but I would build (like Linda) with her
    Cockatiels an outdoor avery with a big window into a bird room
    and they could FLY to their hearts content inside/outside.
    Danger is everywhere only yesterday I was surfing and a shark
    which I believe would have been 20ft. long with a huge fin was
    only feet away from me (gees did I hear some of you volital women
    say "why didn't it get him"???? Yeah that would be right :(
    Poor ole Jimminie.