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Re: Toilet seats SHOULD be left up!

Posted by Alison on 1/13/06
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    On 1/13/06, Jimbo wrote:
    > Why oh why (now I have two girls rooming at my house) can't they
    > be trained to leave the toilet seat UP.
    > As far as birds are concerned there is a door on the toilet. Even
    > when feathers are hacked as is often the way it is done, birds
    > can flop into many dangers anyway.
    > If I had birds as "pets" I do not like that word as it is
    > undermining a bird to me but I would build (like Linda) with her
    > Cockatiels an outdoor avery with a big window into a bird room
    > and they could FLY to their hearts content inside/outside.
    Jimbo, someday every man is going to sit on a toilet and I only
    pray that it is at night and they don't realize they left the seat
    up yet again and they end up with their butts in the cold water.
    Yes there is a door on the bathroom, but most kitchens don't have a
    door. I don't know about anyone else, but I also have two
    fishtanks in my living room. They both have openings where the
    filter goes in. Not everyone can build an indoor/outdoor aviary.
    It's very cold where I live. And my bird room is the largest room
    in the house at 23 ft long, not nearly enough room for my Macaw to
    fly. Besides, banning a bird to only one room that is deemed safe
    and not being allowed in the rest of the house, where the family
    is, seems cruel to me. My birds would rather be clipped and in the
    middle of all the family activities, then be flighted and banished
    to a remote room where they are unable to participate. -Alison-