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Re: Couldn't be silent anymore! o.k. No Name

Posted by Jimbo on 1/13/06
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    On 1/13/06, to Jim wrote:
    > On 1/13/06, Jim wrote:
    >> On 1/13/06, Debby wrote:
    >> My birds are thriving, and very
    >> happy.
    >> I excersise them every day with fly....they flap their wings
    >> till there is no tomorrow!
    >> ...
    >> Birds are extremely intelligent creatures but I hope they do not really
    >> understand what other birds do when they "really do fly" because they would
    >> be more than anything very sad and embarrassed that a human would pretend to
    > them
    >> that flying is being held by the legs and allowed to flap their wings with said
    >> human calling fly fly fly until they are spent. :(
    >> Jim.
    > What are you, a bird psychologist? How do you read their minds like that?
    > Please, teach us!
    I wish you would put a name to your writings mate!
    If you are having a "go" at me mate it's water off a duck's back quack quack lol
    I am allowed free speech as you are and I know for sure I do not know all the answers
    and know people here can "put me in my place" but still and all at the end of a day
    free speech is just what it is and should be allowed to have access to it.
    I would imagine you are one of the posters here but want to be anonomous when it
    suits you?
    Many know how to look up isp's so maybe we will be able to put a name to you in the
    future :)
    Try and be good, but if you can't be good! be good at whatever you do.