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Re: Flighted Birds. Patsy and Scott keep up too jim

Posted by Scott on 1/13/06
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    On 1/13/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 1/11/06, Patsy wrote:
    >> I have been reading this thread for some time and I have
    >> decided to take the time to post.
    >> Until those of you who clip wings spend time with a fully
    >> flighted you will never know the difference.
    >> Have you ever taken the time to interact with a bird that
    >> has been fully flighted from a baby? How are you able to
    >> intelligently make a decision on what is correct when you
    >> have no information about flight then your own biased
    >> opinion? When someone does give you good information you
    >> shoot it down because it doesn't tell you what you want to
    >> hear.
    >> Due to your lack of credentials every time you speak you
    >> loose validity. Until you have lived with a fully flighted
    >> bird you are definitely not qualified to give advice on
    >> their behalf.
    >> Below is a link to the cockatiel chat...even this owner can
    >> see they difference when birds are allowed to fly.
    > ..
    > Patsy and Scott you are so right but it seems people just
    > MAKE a bird adapt to their ways and their home completely
    > instead of looking at the situation before they acquire a
    > bird and adapt themselves and their home to the birds needs!
    > If people want a bird in the home (yes this is just my
    > opinion along with many like minds) they should make sure
    > there is a safe place where the bird can be a bird and be
    > able to fly etc. and then it can be introduced anywhere else
    > with care and education. If a person does not have the
    > ability to do this "why on God's Earth have a bird inside in
    > the first place? - decoration? status symbol? pretty? etc.
    > etc.
    > Jim

    Yes Yes Yes JIm i agree