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Re: You still have no room to talk, Scott.

Posted by Cassie on 1/13/06
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    ~_~ You wish. Have five more kids and see what kind of chaos ensues (with 5
    goldfish, a turtle, two dogs, a pair of canaries, a rabbit, a cat and a partridge
    in a pair tree)

    On 1/13/06, Scott wrote:
    > On 1/13/06, Cassima wrote:
    >> Dude... Now you are the one acting like a sped.
    >> You went from debating about birds into telling us how to raise kids. Why
    > don't
    >> you write a combined book on raising birds AND children, publish it and allow
    >> US to decide for ourselves? Once you have 5 kids, that is the point of no
    >> return, man. You NEED the gates and closed doors because you cannot be at
    > every
    >> child's side all at once. We are talking about "Motherhood", unless there is a
    >> new breed of woman out ther I don't know about.
    >> I'll take one of them, too, as well as a Super Bird. I'll need a back-up.
    >> You have no right to judge anyone because YOU did not do it. Congradulations.
    >> How amny "accidents" or "OOPIES!" did you have in your house? Apparently you
    >> don't live in a 5-bedroom quadlevel, with 4 bathrooms, 2 different back doors
    >> and a swimming pool in the back yard. A small child is easily lost in a home
    >> like that, so the gates are needed if you are upstairs, just in case one of
    > the
    >> other kids "forgets" they should be watching the baby while mom gives a bath
    > to
    >> another or two (even in the same room) and the baby goes tumbling down the
    >> stairs.
    >> That's right... You only have three. You don't seem to have that kind of a
    >> problem, so your "Stop cageing your kids" solution does not apply.
    >> Get a degree, publish a book, then we'll talk about our inability to raise
    >> kids, K? Until then, you have nothing to say.
    >> Plus... Throw a bird into the mix, and then you have a grand ol' time trying
    > to
    >> keep track of everyone. The Macaw came in handy though. "I see TIFFINY!!! Mom,
    >> TIFFINY!" "I see KEVIN! Momma! KEVIN'S here!" She can name all of us, and she
    >> tended to follow me and my twin around alot "Momma! Come get CASSIE!", "Momma,
    >> TREA's in here!" (My sister's name is Thelese, but she has a hard time
    >> pronouncing the "th" sound)or "TWINS-TWINS-TWINS-TWINS! Double trouble my way!"
    >> There were times all eight of use got into trouble. We would play hide-and-
    > seek
    >> with her, so when we all got in trouble at the same time, that little snitch
    >> knew our hiding places. "I FOUND YOU! My turn!" She was the most wonderful -
    >> ahem- "toy" of us. She loved to play baby, and we would put a bonnet on her
    > and
    >> push her in a stroller. Mom even let us feed her baby food with one of those
    >> rubber-covered spoons and sit her in the high-chair. That bird loved every
    >> moment of it. I miss her so much.
    >> And she ALWAYS has been clipped.
    >> On 1/13/06, Scott wrote:
    >>> On 1/12/06, Cassima wrote:
    >>>> Look man... I am the third fo eight kids. Yes, you do need to shut off
    >>>> parts of the house. They can go UP stairs, the going DOWN is how they get
    >>>> hurt. And the kitchen, and the bathroom, and the laundry room, and the back
    >>>> door was locked and the screen in the front was locked...
    >>>> Need I go on?
    >>>> On 1/12/06, Alison wrote:
    >>>>> On 1/12/06, Scott wrote:
    >>>>>> So let me get this straight, if you had a child, would you completely
    >>>>>> shut them off from the parts of your house that may potentially be a
    >>>>>> danger to them?
    >>>>> ____________________________________________________
    >>>>> ABSOLUTELY! And I do have a child. If you had children you would know
    >>>>> that they learn to walk, long before they have the capacity to understand
    >>>>> danger. I had gates keeping my child safe from injury in the two most
    >>>>> dangerous rooms in ANY home. The Kitchen and the Bathroom. -Alison-
    >>> _________________________________________________________________________
    >>> No please stop caging your kids and crippling your birds. I am one of 4 kids
    >>> and have 3 of my own and a "gate" has never been in our home(s). There is nmo
    >>> need as long as you educate your children and know what you are doing before
    >>> you have them. Same goes for clipping wings. I have read several child
    >>> development books and I use most of them to train my birds as well. (Since
    >>> that is what my degree is in) -Scott-
    > _________________________________________________________________________
    > Dude your self...... you guys started all of this and you are just sad because I
    > am truths in what I have sad and you realize that. -Scott-