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Re: cassima/scott

Posted by magia on 1/14/06
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    Ok, first of all, how does one "mutilate" a subject? Second, I think all the angry talk
    is exactly why we don't get anywhere with this subject. I would love to sit down with all
    of you in a room and really talk about this subject. I feel that wing-clipping is such a
    serious matter and it is one that needs to be worked out with research, knowledge, and a
    better understanding of parrot psychology and health. On the facts, I do agree with scott
    and patsy - we must start thinking outside of the opinions of a few, rather uneducated
    parrot book writers, like mattie sue athan for example. I don't mean to pick on her in
    particular, but she has been one of the most vocal and well-published advocates of
    clipping wings. I really think that we could have a great discussion if everyone would
    reaad the article at and talk about the information that is
    presented instead of just writing it off. -magia

    On 1/14/06, Cassima wrote:
    > Nor does your "caging children" influence. Checkmate, bucko.
    > Stop trying to change or mutilate the subject of this lousy debate. You started
    > this "caging children", Patsy started this "refer to this poo article for why parrots
    > should not be clipped", so don't make it look like you are the Saint of THIS
    > conversation.
    > And that crap about "clipping is like cutting of children's legs"? Well, opinions are
    > like pimples; everyone has at least one even if it can't be seen.
    > For being a "fountain of knowledge", the waters are sure stagnent. Even my parents
    > having eight kids and a menagerie of pets within the houshold, we still had time to
    > spend with our dearest Senna, and my parents are able to give her everything she needs
    > to flurish into smart and caring individual. Birds have more "human" characteristics
    > then people give them credit for, and when they are in a different environment then a
    > wild-type habitat, they appropriate themselves into that environment the best they can
    > (in short, they ADAPT).
    > On 1/13/06, Scott wrote:
    >> This has nothing to do with wing clipping -Scott-