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Re: Scott about the "woofer"

Posted by Jim on 1/14/06
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    > On 1/14/06, Cassima wrote:
    >> Nor does your "caging children" influence. Checkmate, bucko.
    >> Stop trying to change or mutilate the subject of this lousy debate. You started
    >> this "caging children", Patsy started this "refer to this poo article for why parrots
    >> should not be clipped", so don't make it look like you are the Saint of THIS
    >> conversation.
    >> And that crap about "clipping is like cutting of children's legs"? Well, opinions are
    >> like pimples; everyone has at least one even if it can't be seen.
    >> For being a "fountain of knowledge", the waters are sure stagnent. Even my parents
    >> having eight kids and a menagerie of pets within the houshold, we still had time to
    >> spend with our dearest Senna, and my parents are able to give her everything she needs
    >> to flurish into smart and caring individual. Birds have more "human" characteristics
    >> then people give them credit for, and when they are in a different environment then a
    >> wild-type habitat, they appropriate themselves into that environment the best they can
    >> (in short, they ADAPT)
    Scott when you are dealing with someone who just likes to "spruke" for the sake
    of "spruking and being downright rude as Cassima is it makes you wonder lol.
    I am sure your wife is very nice but when I come across women like Cassima it puts me right
    of marrying I can tell you. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning lol.
    Take care mate.

    >> On 1/13/06, Scott wrote:
    >>> This has nothing to do with wing clipping -Scott-