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Re: ...woof...

Posted by Cassie on 1/15/06
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    I could say the same thing about your turn-coat opinions you keep posting. Unless there is
    another "Jim" running around here. You do not condone flying parrots in the house, BUT you
    congradulate "Patsy" and "Scott" on their posts that are "well spoken" on pro-flight. The
    fact you DO NOT EVEN OWN BIRDS is the icing on the cake.

    You have confused the holy mushrooms out of me, unless there are two "Jims" posting. If there
    are not two "Jims", I think God should stop wasting his miracles on BirdMart.

    I am so glad you have gotten to know me on a personal level and are able to tell everyone
    those wonderful things about me (end:/sarcasm). You have so much to say about the posters,
    but not enough about the topic of the posts. It almost seems like you are grasping at straws
    just to stay in the conversation, and the only way to do that is to strike a nerve. Heaven
    FORBID that you ever feel ignored by the posters of BirdMart.

    With that stated, I would rather "woof" then say something that can be considered a bannable
    offense on a pg-13 board. Beleive me- every "woof" masks a slew of cow patties I want to
    fling your way.

    Since I know how you feel about me, allow me the pleasure of letting you know how I feel
    about you:

    Jim, you are one chicken nugget short of a Happy Meal. You post on a board for birds, yet you
    are not a bird owner. You seem to be one REALLY bored and lonely man.

    I hope you DO meet a good woman whom you will want to marry- a wondeful, generous and caring
    woman that consumes you to the point you won't have a chance to retun to BirdMart as often
    because she will completely exaust your free time. MAY THIS DESTINED WOMAN BE A BIRD OWNER!

    Woof :)

    On 1/14/06, Jim wrote:
    > Scott when you are dealing with someone who just likes to "spruke" for the sake
    > of "spruking and being downright rude as Cassima is it makes you wonder lol.
    > I am sure your wife is very nice but when I come across women like Cassima it puts me right
    > of marrying I can tell you. Can you imagine waking up to that every morning lol.
    > Take care mate.